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Monday, August 25, 2008

✿ Welcome

Welcome on my blog 'The Cuckoo Story'. I tried to make the layout a bit more original and added my own banner. I also changed the colors so they'd fit with the banner ^^
This blog will be about my handmade amigurumi dolls. At the moment I'm busy with my first project and I hope you'll keep checking for updates so you can meet my amigurumi creations :D
When I finished my project I'll add them to my Etsy account ( This Etsy account has no banner yet so there's still a lot to be done!
So what do you guys think about this blog, about the layout?

PS: I'm making a mailinglist so I can let you know when I finished something! If you'd like to be added, contact me and I'll be pleased to add you :)


Sunny said...

Hello! Your blog looks great so far. Love you banner. Good luck with your etsy shop.

grace said...

Hi, I saw your post on the etsy forum and decided to give you a peek. Your blog looks so cute and I can tell there are many yummy things to come. Would love to be on your mailing list. :) Good luck on etsy!