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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

✿ Brand new project: PRINCESS EARRINGS

The girls who already loved my amigurumi dolls will certainly adore the princess earrings I started to design. I came to this idea since I'm a HUGE earringlover myself and it's hard to find long, pretty and girly earrings in sweet colors.
I proudly present you my first four designs:
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
You can now buy them in my Etsy shop (, be quick because each pair is unique!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

✿ Three more amigurumi bears

Today is a lucky day! I set up my Etsy shop (,
I finished another three amigurumi bears and I got my credit card :)
My friend Carina also made a layout and businesscards for me. With each
package sent out there will be a businesscard with a unique design, and a

IMG_0018.png image by TheCuckooStory
IMG_0017.png image by TheCuckooStory IMG_0013.png image by TheCuckooStory

Sunday, August 31, 2008

✿ Crocheted amigurumi bear

This little bear (9cm) took me one week! Luckily I'm working faster now and I'm almost ready with my second one. Join the mailinglist if you'd like to know the updates about my shop! In the first newsletter there'll be a surprise!
So what do you think? Nice background? Will be available in my Etsy shop soon (next week!).

IMG_0016.png image by TheCuckooStory

Thursday, August 28, 2008

✿ First handmade items

Yay!!! I just finished 3 handmade items (3 more left to be finished). As soon
as I finished my layout for my Etsy shop, I'll add them :)
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What do you think?

IMG_0005.png Yuki Monster image by TheCuckooStory IMG_0009.png Yuki Monster image by TheCuckooStory IMG_0010.png Bonbon Pistache image by TheCuckooStory
IMG_0007.png Yuki Monster image by TheCuckooStory IMG_0012.png Bonbon Pistache image by TheCuckooStory
IMG_0014.png Cake Roll Pistache image by TheCuckooStory IMG_0015.png Cake Roll Pistache image by TheCuckooStory

Monday, August 25, 2008

✿ Welcome

Welcome on my blog 'The Cuckoo Story'. I tried to make the layout a bit more original and added my own banner. I also changed the colors so they'd fit with the banner ^^
This blog will be about my handmade amigurumi dolls. At the moment I'm busy with my first project and I hope you'll keep checking for updates so you can meet my amigurumi creations :D
When I finished my project I'll add them to my Etsy account ( This Etsy account has no banner yet so there's still a lot to be done!
So what do you guys think about this blog, about the layout?

PS: I'm making a mailinglist so I can let you know when I finished something! If you'd like to be added, contact me and I'll be pleased to add you :)